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Rocky2, November 2002


The good-neighbor concept is what saved the life of this unfortunate male black Lab from Lincoln City, Michigan. Rocky was a 77-pound 1-year-old when his next-door neighbor noticed that he was sick and neglected. When Rocky's good neighbor went next door to offer to take him to a veterinarian, his owners relinquished Rocky to her care and put it in writing.

Rocky was very lucky that his new foster mom got him to a veterinarian promptly because he was suffering from Parvo virus. With antibiotics, fluids, and a six-day hospitalization, however, Rocky was deemed to be in fine shape. And to his advantage, his foster mom agreed to take good care of him until a local animal adoption society could find him a forever home. Rocky's foster mom contributed a substantial amount of his medical fees, and LABMED happily picked up the balance.

If Rocky could speak, he'd probably call his rescuer a champion. Without her, he probably would have lost his second chance at life.

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