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Rocky3, November 2002

Rocky's story as told by his rescuer:


Rocky is a 9 month old Lab who lived with a family for about 8 months until he was hit by a car. His right front leg was severely injured, tearing the skin and muscle away from the bone. The family did not get the surgery that was recommended and attempted to let the leg heal on its own. Two months later, when the leg had not healed at all and had such a severe infection that it had a strong odor, the family decided they did not want Rocky anymore and turned him over to Canine Rescue Network. We brought him immediately to the vet, but the infection was so severe that the only way to save Rocky's life was to amputate his leg.

Rocky has made a complete recovery and has remained an excellent boy with a great personality! He is truly a wonderful dog! He loves to go for walks and is happiest when playing and romping with his dog friends. You would never guess he is missing a front leg.

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