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Rosalita, November 2003

Rosalita is a Pecos' Memorial Fund Dog

As told by Rosalita's rescurer:


I received a phone call from the President of FIDO (Finding Individual
Dogs Only) that there was an emergency with a dog that had wandered up to someone's house. She asked that I return the phone call as the
location was only about 10 minutes from my house and that was at 8:30am in the morning.

I returned the phone call and the woman was quite hysterical. I did get the address from her and got in my car immediately and went to the address to see what I could do to help. There was a young female black Lab and I knelt down on the ground to coax her to me. She came very timid and laid her head in my lap while I knelt on the ground. That was when I noticed there was a large thick tan colored rubber band around her neck. It had probably, according to my rescue experience been there since she was a pup and now weighing 50 pounds, had almost cut off her airway and all veins pumping blood to her brain. All I could see was about a 3 inch gaping circumference around her neck where the skin and black hair was totally parted showing muscle tissue, fatty infected tissue and a very few neck veins still pumping blood.

(Rosalita's treatment consisted of) debridement and removal of the rubber band, initially under anesthesia, injects for pain and antibiotics for 18 days under intensive hospitalization and twice daily cleansing of the wound until the neck could be reattached and sewn back together.

With her treatment mostly completed, Rosie now resides in a private foster home and is learning housetraining, crate training and obedience!

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