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Rusty, January, 2000

Rusty Rusty came to live with his first owners because the kids wanted a dog. When the kids went back to school, Rusty went to the pound. He was only 5 months old. His rescuer had been fostering him for several months when she discovered a growth on the bottom of his foot. The vet put Rusty on antibiotics but they did not help; surgery and a biopsy were needed. At this point, Rusty's foster mom contacted LABMED for assistance. Labmed paid for Rusty's surgery and the local rescue organization, Lake Erie Labrador Retriever Rescue paid for the biopsy. Luckily the biopsy showed Rusty's growth to be a calcium cyst.

Rusty Rusty is a very active boy and did manage to take his stitches out a week after his surgery so the vet thought it best to treat his incision as an open wound. His foot healed very nicely and Rusty is ready to try out for a job with the Customs Department.

Update: June, 2000
Every once in a while someone's trash becomes another's treasure. This seems to be the case with Rusty. LABMED has just been informed that Rusty has been accepted into the training program for the U.S. Custom Service in Virginia. This will be the perfect outlet for Rusty's seemingly excess energy that made it very hard for him to be placed in a regular pet home, even after an obedience class.

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