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Sadie3, June, 2001

Sadie3 Sadie, a 4 month old yellow female, was found along a Georgia interstate by a volunteer from Georgia Lab Rescue. Sadie tested negative for Parvo and received her shots. While she was at the vet's to be checked for an eye discharge, another of the vet's clients noticed the puppy and agreed to foster her.

Sadie's new foster mom noticed that the puppy appeared lethargic. On the second day in her foster home, Sadie refused to eat and developed mild diarrhea. When Sadie did not improve after a few days, the foster mom took her to her vet where Sadie was tested for Parvo again. This time the result was positive.

Since Sadie's symptoms were very mild, the vet decided against hospitalization at that time and told Sadie's foster mom to return if she should get worse. Since Parvo treatment can get quite expensive, Sadie's foster mom asked LABMED for help.

Sadie was doing very well for several days and the vet suggested the symptoms she experienced may have been a reaction to the Parvo vaccine. But by the end of the week, Sadie got worse and developed full-fledged Parvo symptoms. Still, she was well enough to be treated on an out patient basis and improved quickly with medication. LABMED was happy to fund Sadie's treatment.

Sadie's foster mom told us that "the real" puppy is emerging again; Sadie started butt-tucking around the yard. The eye discharge has cleared up as well and Sadie is once again a happy, healthy and playful Lab puppy.

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