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Sadie7, March 2003


Sadie is a 1-year-old Lab mix who was found in Georgia as a thin, malnourished stray with a bad hip, thirty pellets embedded throughout her body, and feces-encrusted teeth. A rescue organization in Boston received an email about the sweet, frightened Sadie, and fortunately they came to her aid.

When the treating vet spayed Sadie, a dislocated hip was found and it is hypothesized that she may have been hit by a car. A Femoral Head Osteotomy (FHO) was the recommended surgery, and LABMED, when asked to help fund the procedure, was pleased to help.

Sadie and her Cow

The surgery saved her life and gave her the life she now has in her new home. According to her new family, Sadie is doing wonderfully. "She adores her mom and she loves her dog bed and all of her toys. Clearly, Sadie had never experienced the joy of a squeaky toy or the taste of a delicious chicken-flavored rawhide bone. She has a stuffed cow that she loves, and she carries it around with her wherever she goes."


Since Sadie can't yet make it up to the second floor of her new home, her mom sleeps with her on the couch every night. Her hip is getting better, and the swelling has gone down significantly. Everyday Sadie seems to have a little more bounce in her step, and she is gaining confidence in herself and in people.

"Thank you so much, LABMED, for all that you have done for this wonderful dog! As is often heard, it takes a village to raise a child. Well, it also takes a village to help save an animal. The village in Sadie's case was LABMED, the veterinarian and staff, Georgia Lab Rescue, me (Sadie's new mom), all the transporters, and many, many more!"


Update, July 2003

Five months ago Sadie could barely walk. Today she can run like a gazelle. The "sparkle" is back in her eyes, her coat is glossy black and like silk, and she is just so happy and full of life. Her "mom" just adores her. Thanks again to the whole LABMED team for helping to save this wonderful Lab!



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