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Sally2, January 2003


Sally2 is a cute little fox red female pup who was 10 weeks old in December 2002 when her breeder was going to euthanize her after a serious health problem was discovered. An employee in the clinic where the breeder brought Sally asked the breeder to sign Sally over to her and she would try to find the funds necessary to save the pup. The vet clinic employee then contacted LABMED for help.

Sally was diagnosed with persistent right aortic arch. This meant that some tissue was growing upwards from one of the arches of her heart and was wrapping itself around her esophagus. If this tissue was not removed, it would eventually strangle her esophagus, making it impossible for her to eat.

Sally needed to see a specialist to get his opinion on her chances for a good recovery. She was lucky. Her condition was fixable, and after surgery, she did just fine! She is eating normally and is not showing any signs of further problems. Even better, Sally has been adopted by another vet clinic employee and her rescuer, who has several other animals, will get to see her often. LABMED was delighted to have helped this little pup get a second chance!

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