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Sally4, September 2003

Sally4 is a Murphy's Memorial Fund Dog.


Sally is an approximately 7 year old black Lab whose life was saved by a Good Samaritan in Cordova, TN. �Here is Sally's story as told by her rescuer:

"I saw her get hit by a car on the freeway on Aug.14th. No one stopped to help her, not even the person who hit her -- they just kept on going. I did a u-turn in the median to go check on her and see if she was still alive. The injuries did not seem to be too severe so I picked her up and drove her to a nearby vet clinic.

"When I got to her, she wasn't moving at all, laying on her left side in the road. She growled a little when I first approached her, but since she was just hit by a car, I did not blame her. I talked soothingly to her and she let me touch her and pick her up without any further growling. Once I had her in my truck, she put her head on my lap for the whole trip to the vet and was even licking my arm as if in gratitude for helping her. Everyone at the clinic where she is recovering says she is just as sweet as can be. They are the ones who named her Sally."

Luckily, Sally's injuries were not severe, but she did test positive for heartworms. Sally is one of the many Labs and Lab-mixes whose heartworm treatment was funded with help from LABMED. Sally is one of the lucky dogs who can look forward to a healthy life as long as she receives a heartworm preventative on a regular basis.

Please help us to educate dog owners about heartworm disease. Not everyone is aware of how life-threatening heartworms can be and how easy it is to prevent them. There are very few areas of the US where heartworm is not a threat to the health of dogs for at least part of the year. Administering heartworm preventative on a regular basis is an important part of responsible dog ownership!

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