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Sarah, August 1999

Sarah Sarah's owners gave her to a shelter to be euthanized. They said she was allergic to their new carpet and to their baby. The folks at the shelter contacted the local rescue person, who agreed with them that Sarah's skin was a mess, and that she was not likely to be considered adoptable in her present state. She also had sores on her neck which probably occurred from misuse of an electronic collar.

As her rescuer said: "When I first rescued her from the shelter she was covered in her own waste, trembling with fear, and her eyes were as red as fire... since I've brought her home, she's had a good bath, received meds and a full examination from my vet, and is sleeping restfully in her new foster home. Sarah woke up this morning with a wag in her tail and a pep in her step as well as a full vocal thank you in labratalk!!!! Her beautiful yellow eyes are sparkling with happiness. I think she knows that her life is about to get better."

Sarah Sarah's life did indeed begin to get better. Diagnosis and treatment for her skin condition started working very soon. She was found to have thyroid levels within normal levels, but she had dermatitis, a fungal infection, and problems with yeast infections, too. Autoimmune problems were also suspected, but ruled out. The special shampoos, the medications, and the wonderful care have paid off; her foster mom says:

"Sarah is doing WONDERFUL!!! She has finished her antibiotics and new growth is starting to show on her neck and sides. She has so much personality it's hard to believe that she was in such bad shape just a few weeks ago. She has showed me a new trick: rolling over on her back and then she holds a stuffed animal up above her head and moves it up and down with her paws while on her back ~ she is so cute, it will be very hard adopting her (but then again, it's always hard saying goodbye!)."

We know that Sarah is starting off on a great new life, thanks to the very caring folks at the shelter and especially thanks to her rescuer and foster mom.

Update: February, 2001

From Sarah's Mom: "Sarah is doing great and is the most wonderful little yellow lab!!! ... I am so glad ya'll were there to help out. Other wise Sarah would have been put down and we would have never known this wonderful funny little dog!!! Thank You!!!"

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