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Shadow3, March, 2000

Shadow3 Shadow, a pretty and friendly 3 to 4 year old chocolate female Lab, was found hobbling around with a badly injured front leg. She had been hit by a car several months before, and her owners were unable to care for her injuries properly. She appeared to be in considerable pain and was unable to use her leg.

But Shadow's luck was about to change! She was taken in by a kindly neighbor, who had her spayed and asked LABMED to help pay for the amputation of her severely infected leg. LABMED promptly agreed to fund the needed surgery. Shadow recovered quickly from her amputation, and also became fast friends with the Rottweiler belonging to her rescuers. In fact, before long Shadow had become an indispensible part of her new family, and was permanently adopted by them for a wonderfully happy ending!

Her troubles over, Shadow is living an active and carefree life, unaware of her *handicap*. Her days are spent racing around the yard, wrestling with her new Rottweiler buddy, and dozing on the couch. LABMED is delighted to have made it possible for Shadow to have this excellent second chance!

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