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Shadow5, May, 2000


This fuzzy black old guy was found in an orchard in central California. A kind lady had been feeding him for over 8 months when she contacted a volunteer with Central California Labrador Retriever Rescue. She told the CCLRR volunteer that she had contacted animal control and several vets in the area but was not able to find his owners.

Shadow appears to be a Lab/Golden Retriever cross, about 10 years old with excellent temperament. His rescuer told LABMED that he appears to have been a family dog; he is lovable and well trained. Shadow had to be bathed THREE times to get all the dirt and foxtails out of his coat; he was brushed thoroughly and stood without squirming. Shadow had three lipomas on his abdomen, hotspots, and his teeth were in bad condition. Since he was so old, it would be hard to place him, almost impossible with the medical problems. Shadow's rescuer decided to have her vet take care of his medical problems and applied to LABMED for help. CCLRR had already committed to paying part of his vet bills.

LABMED decided that Shadow showed enough Lab characteristics to be eligible for funding. The vet who had treated him gave him an excellent prognosis. He told us that he thought him to be a Lab/Golden mix as well who still has some good years left. LABMED was glad to be able to help this quiet old dog by funding the balance of his bills.

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