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Shelby-Daisy, May, 2001

Shelby-Daisy This 7 month old yellow female was taken from a shelter in Florida by Animal Rescue Force. Shelby-Daisy developed diarrhea shortly after being rescued. The vet believed this to be related to the Droncit injection he had given; Shelby-Daisy improved after treatment and was cleared for adoption.

The puppy found a new home the next day but became violently ill after being with her new family for only a few hours. She was taken to a pet emergency clinic immediately where she was diagnosed with Parvo. Shelby-Daisy needed to stay at the clinic for two days, receiving fluids and 24 hour vet care. When she started to improve, her foster parents transferred her to their regular vet's clinic for follow up care. Shelby-Daisy stayed at that clinic for another four days before she was well enough to go home.

Shelby-Daisy's new parents asked Animal Rescue Force for help with the considerable vet bills since they were unable to pay for everything themselves. ARF was able to assist but could not cover the whole reminder of the bill either so they asked LABMED for assistance as well. We were glad to fund the rest.

Shelby-Daisy has completely recovered from the Parvo infection and is enjoying her forever home.

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