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Skip, April 2002

Skip's Story as written by his rescuer:

Skip"Skip" is alive and enjoying life to the fullest, thanks to many caring people along his path. A local television show that features shelter animals brought this Lab in need to the attention of the rescuer. A lame front leg prevented him from being adopted, so the rescuer took on the project of keeping him alive with the help of LABMED, an incredibly dedicated veterinarian, a Michigan Lab rescue organization (a one woman show!), and friends and family willing to help. The prospect of rescuing and rehabilitating this black friend seemed overwhelming at first, but to see this beautiful dog running through the woods, jumping over logs, swimming and chasing balls (and squirrels) today makes it all worthwhile. Skip was a stray, brought to the shelter with his leg already injured beyond repair, probably due to a run-in with a car. The leg needed to be amputated, as his limp and dragging paw left him vulnerable to infections. The Lab rescue organization connected the rescuer with a veterinarian on the opposite side of the state, who offered reduced fees for rescued animals. The multiple trips through February snow and sleet to have the surgery done were well worth it, not only because the vet did an excellent job, but because it was simply inspiring to meet this outstanding professional; he is the sole veterinarian at a very active hospital, owner of 90 animals (many of them birds), and a father of three. When asked how he keeps going, he admitted that "sleep is optional". The commitment to animals that he demonstrates is the same devotion that brings all of us into this business of saving souls.

Skip doesn't know he appears unusual or disabled. He is gleeful about life, and especially anything having to do with the word "go". From time to time he loses his balance, but doesn't hesitate to pick himself right up and keep on going, with bright eyes, flapping ears, and a big grin. The example he gives for not letting life's challenges hold you back is quite obvious to all who meet him. His joy for life is contagious, and there's no doubt that this three-legged friend is thrilled to be alive.

Update, January 2004

Dear Labmed,

This is to inform you that "Skip", an April 2002 Michigan rescued Lab mix, has found a permanent home.�Skip lived with my husband and myself, and also with my mother, for over a year and a half, and has finally found his way to a fabulous home. He is now the beloved companion of a retired gentleman who walks Skip daily in the woods, takes him everywhere in the car (Skip's head always out the window), and travels frequently with him to northern Michigan, where Skip is free to roam his 100 acre wooded property with a river running through it. Suffice to say, Skip hit the jackpot (and his owner got pretty lucky, too).

Thank you, SO MUCH, Labmed, for helping us save Skip and make this a story with a VERY happy ending! You are lifesavers!!

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