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Sophie3, January 2004

Sophie3 is the January Max's Memorial Fund Dog


Sophie is a four year old yellow Lab mix who was taken in by Peppertree Rescue in Albany, NY and placed in a foster home in Hamden, CT. Sophie was neglected by her previous owner and left alone for long hours with no companionship of any kind. With no activities to distract her, Sophie licked repeatedly at her front leg, causing a huge open sore called a lick granuloma. The development of the lick granuloma was exacerbated by a very low thyroid condition, resulting in poor skin tone and a kidney disorder.

Sophie was evaluated by a caring vet, who believed that this wonderful dog with a winning personality could be helped to have a much more comfortable life with proper medical care. Once Sophie was started on thyroid supplements, her kidney function returned to normal. Sophie is thriving under the loving care provided by her foster home, and when she has a new permanent family who will give her the love, attention and activity that she craves, it is hoped that the self-destructive licking of her leg will be eliminated.

Laser treatments helped to reduce the lick granuloma, but more laser surgery was needed. Peppertree Rescue contacted LABMED for help in financing Sophie's treatment and we were happy to help provide a second chance for Sophie.

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