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Soshee, April 2003


A frightened little yellow Lab was seen wandering in a neighborhood near Scotts Mills, OR, for several days before her rescuer was able to coax her into the house. Timid, shy, and especially fearful of men, Soshee was thin and hungry and appeared to have recently had puppies although she was only about a year old herself. Soshee settled down quickly in the home of her rescuer, playing with the two other dogs in the family and cuddling with the three year old child.

After a few days of happiness, however, Soshee became very ill; she was unable to stand and was vomiting frequently. Rushed to a vet clinic, Soshee was tested for possible exposure to toxins, but no evidence of poisoning was found. Concerned that Soshee's infection might be due to a uterine infection, an emergency spay surgery was performed. Blood tests showed that Soshee continued to exhibit signs of a severe infection, and she was sent home with several different antibiotics in hopes of wiping out the still unknown cause of infection. Meanwhile, Soshee's rescuer - a full time student and single mom - contacted LABMED for help in paying for these unexpected medical bills.

The antibiotics did the trick!  A few days later, Soshee's rescuer wrote that Soshee "is doing fabulously well and is like a new dog - happy, bouncy, getting into puppy-like mischief."  And in a very happy ending to this story, Soshee was adopted by her rescuer and now has a wonderful and permanent new home.

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