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Striker, November 2002


In Huntersville, NC, on September 26, a seriously injured 67-pound male chocolate Lab was found in a local park called the "Striker Soccer Center". Believed to be about 3 years old, Striker, as he was affectionately named, ignored his injury as he tried to play with the youngsters on the field. Fortunately for Striker, a player's dad intervened, and with the help of a rescue resource, found a veterinarian who was willing to treat Striker's injuries.

A veterinary assessment revealed serious neglect and a wound that was about 1.5 inches wide by 1 inch deep, which almost completely circled his neck. The likely cause of the wound was a tight collar. A few spots on his front legs indicated that Striker had been kept on a very short restraint that had prevented him from changing positions freely.

Striker underwent two surgical procedures to clean his neck, and he was given antibiotics to fight infection. Luckily, Striker's prognosis was a complete recovery over a period of several months. With a rescuer willing to foster Striker while a good home was sought, and a veterinarian kind enough to grant a rescue discount, LABMED was happy to contribute a portion of Striker's medical fees. Poor Striker had endured three long years of mistreatment before gaining freedom, and a second chance for a happy, healthy life in a forever home.

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