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Sweetie, May, 2001

Sweetie Sweetie's story as told by her rescuers:

Nearing midnight on a Saturday in April, a black Lab was trying to keep her two young puppies together and safe from the cars that sped by them on a busy, poorly lit road. She was having a hard time. Each pup was on a different side of the road and the mama was scrambling desperately to protect them. The drivers seemed oblivious, as they passed within a couple of feet of the puppies.

The rescue took nearly 45 minutes as one pup ran off into the bushes along the road and the other crawled under a van that mercifully had stopped in the middle of the road to help (other drivers weren't so gracious - one car sped through the rescue scene, missing a pup by a few inches). Eventually, thanks in part to a large piece of cake from a wedding shower earlier in the evening, the three were safely inside the car of their rescuers.

Attempts to find their owner were fruitless (probably for the best, since the mama showed signs of abuse) and the Labs were advertised for adoption. Both puppies were quickly adopted, although one was returned when diagnosed with Parvo. The rescuers put him (Buddy10, another LABMED dog) through treatment, and he had a full recovery.

A couple with three small children (all under the age of 4) adopted the mama, "Sweetie". They took her the following day to get her vaccines and heartworm test. A day later, however, they called asking to return Sweetie because their children were being too rough with her and she had snapped at one. The rescuers took her back, and when they checked her heartworm results, it turned out she was positive.

Sweetie was immediately taken to the vet to begin treatment, and LABMED quickly approved her funding application. LABMED was happy to help Buddy10's mother!

Update: September 2001

Sweetie's heartworm treatment was completed successfully and she found her forever home. Sweetie's new parents keep bringing her to the same vet who treated her so Sweetie's rescuer can keep up to date on her.

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