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Sydney, December 2002

Sydney is the December Buddy Arnold Memorial Fund Dog


This sweet little black female Lab was abandoned as a puppy and taken under the wing of the Haven Humane Society in Redding, CA. Sydney was placed in foster care while her health was evaluated - she was having difficulty standing, lying down and walking. A consultation with the vet school at UC-Davis revealed an array of congenital problems. Sydney was lacking the acetabula in each rear leg; she had bilateral luxation of her hips, bilateral rotational deformity of the femoral heads and severe contracture of the quadriceps. All this meant that her rear legs were held in rigid extension with severe quadriceps contracture and muscle atrophy. The official diagnosis is genu recurvatum.

In spite of all this, however, Sydney was found to be in otherwise good health, with a good appetite and playful attitude. She was able to urinate and defecate without difficulty. Her mobility was becoming increasingly limited, however, and since extensive surgery would only offer a small hope of improvement, the decision was made by the foster home and Haven Humane Society to try to give Sydney increased mobility via a K-9 Cart.

LABMED was contacted, and we were happy to provide funding for a K-9 cart for Sydney (She will probably need to trade in her first cart for a larger size as she grows.). Sydney now has her new "wheels" and is adjusting to this novel form of transportation happily. The best news of all for Sydney is that her foster parents fell in love with her and have made her a permanent part of their family.

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