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Tanner4, April 2002

Tanner4Tanner is a lucky puppy who recovered from parvo virus with the help of LABMED funding. Here is Tanner's story as told by his rescuers:

"We adopted Tanner from the Sioux Falls Humane Society on March 23, 2002. We had been thinking about adopting a puppy for quite some time and just happened upon Tanner this particular day. Tanner has such a cute face! He won the hearts of the whole family.

Two days later Tanner became pretty sick; we were scared because several years ago we bought a puppy from a pet store and he had parvo virus, and the outcome was not good. I couldn't do anything but cry...I took him to our vet right away the following morning and the vet ran a test and said it was parvo virus and that there was a treatment now but it could be expensive. The whole family was 100% in favor of doing whatever we could to give Tanner a happy, wonderful, fun life!

He has a fenced in yard to play in, a not so happy cat named Malachi to play with, along with numerous toys! Tanner is doing so much better now - he's back to puppy behavior now.

Tanner4We appreciate your cause and support in a very scary time for us. Tanner's mother and eight siblings were originally abandoned by a dumpster, and then for him to get sick just seems so unfair for such a sweetie - Tanner has such a good disposition and he is adorable. I just wanted all of you to know that he couldn't be loved more or have a better home than he has now and is finally living the life he deserves to live.

Again, we cannot thank you enough for the funds that you sent us. We have experienced some financial hardships lately and your funding will help us so much. I think if Tanner could speak he would let you know how happy his is now that he feels well again!"

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