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Toby, March, 2000

TobyA young man was driving to work one morning when he spotted a yellow Lab lying on the side of the road. This "good samaritan" stopped to see if he could help the dog, who had evidently been hit by a car. After calling for help, the young man stayed with the big male Lab until the animal control officers arrived; then he and his mother drove to the shelter and donated $100 towards the dog's medical costs! This generous donation probably saved the dog's life, for it enabled him to have immediate medical attention while attempts were made to locate his owners.

The veterinarian on duty at the Humane Society of Tacoma and Pierce County (WA) promptly contacted the rescue committee of the Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Association. PSLRA rescue workers arranged to have the Lab transported to a local veterinary hospital where he was sedated and placed on pain medication while his injuries were evaluated. When no owners could be located, PSLRA's rescue group took on the responsibility for the dog and named him "Toby".

Toby submitted cheerfully to a battery of x-rays and tests at the hospital. The good news: although Toby had a damaged hip and broken pelvis, he had no other injuries and was a good candidate for surgical repair of his pelvis and hip. The bad news: the repair of Toby's injuries would require the expensive services of a veterinary orthopedic specialist. But the PSLRA rescue workers were able to raise about half of the funds needed, including a substantial matched donation from some Lab-loving Microsoft workers. LABMED agreed to fund the rest, and Toby soon had the surgery he needed to restore him to health.

Toby is now recuperating from his surgery in his foster home. He does not like to be crated, but spends his days happily resting in a bed in the home office of his foster mom and dad. His recovery is being carefully supervised by his Lab foster sisters! When he has fully recovered, Toby will be able to move on to his forever home, thanks to LABMED.

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