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Vanilla, February 2004

Vanilla is the February Max's Memorial Fund Dog


Vanilla and her brother, Oreo, were taken to Ocean County Veterinary Hospital in Lakewood, NJ when they were only 8 weeks old. These adorable bundles of fur were diagnosed with serious staph infections which had gone untreated for so long that the puppies had become feverish and dehydrated. The owner of the pure-bred Lab pups declined the now-expensive treatment that would be required to restore the puppies to good health. The staff at the vet hospital could not turn their backs on this beautiful twosome when a complete cure was possible. They were determined to find a way to save the lives of Oreo and Vanilla and find loving homes for each of them.

Oreo and Vanilla

LABMED was contacted and asked to help fund the intensive treatment which was expected to take 4 - 6 weeks. Both pups would need to be hospitalized at first to receive IV fluids and antibiotics. They would also need frequent applications of special topical medications to reduce scarring. To help reduce the costs of treating Oreo and Vanilla, a staff member offered to provide foster care as soon as the pups were able to leave the hospital. LABMED was happy to be able to help provide a much needed second chance for these puppies! Oreo and Vanilla are expected to make a complete recovery, and the vet hospital already has a waiting list of families who are interested in adopting them.

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