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Willie2, April 2004


Willie2 is a 5 month old chocolate female Lab that was adopted by the applicant from a shelter in Arkansas. Willie was taken promptly to the vet and treated for worms and malnutrition. Unfortunately, the next day she developed signs of Parvo and within a couple of days was in need of hospitalization and intensive medical intervention, including IV fluids and antibiotics. Willie's new owner contacted LABMED for help in paying these unexpected bills. We were delighted to receive this update about Willie:

"I wanted to tell you that Willie2 is doing fabulously. She is in process of switching to regular food (from the ID) and can manage a good dozen "retrieves" before she decides to sit down and rest. Little Willie girl has had some separation/fear problems and wants to be next to me or one of the other dogs all the time but is getting a bit more comfortable.

She will start her shots next week but will be waiting a couple more weeks for her spay. Other then all that she's acting like she should be. Still a bit small and needs to add a few pounds but bounding around and not just jumping up but literally flies horizontally through the air to greet me. Obviously we have some work to do there but its still pretty cute. Potty training took a grand total of 2 days, "sit" is good and stay is coming along."

We wish Willie and her new family many happy years together!

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