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Woodrow, December 2002


Roaming as a stray, this big yellow male Lab was no match for the SUV that hit him and then sped away without stopping to see if help was needed. Woodrow's rescuer saw the accident and turned her car around as quickly as possible to return to the scene. Although Woodrow was seriously injured, he still managed to wag his tail when the rescuer approached him.

Taken to a vet clinic in Gallatin, TN, Woodrow was found have a dislocated hip and a broken pelvis. The hip was pinned, and the vet was very pleased with the healing and stablization of the hip after surgery. Three to four pins were used for the pelvic fractures, and they will stay in for at least six weeks. LABMED was contacted for assistance in paying for the extensive medical and surgical care that Woodrow needed. We were happy to be able to help, and the vet provided a substantial discount also.

Unable to stand alone after the surgery, Woodrow gradually began to bear weight and to start to walk with support, and before long he was able to go home with his rescuer. Woodrow will remain with her in foster care until he is ready to find a new family to love.

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