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Wyatt, February 2003


Shortly after Christmas in 2002, Wyatt was adopted from the Warren County, OH, animal shelter. Not long after his adoption, however, the young yellow male Lab suffered an injury to his leg which was diagnosed as a torn cruciate ligament. Wyatt would need surgery in order to be able to walk and run without pain. Sadly, his new family was unable to afford this unexpected expense and Wyatt was relinquished to a private Lab rescue in Cincinnati, OH.

When he arrived at his new foster home, Wyatt had a large swelling on his knee and was unable to bear any weight on the leg. The vet found that the knee was "crunchy" to the touch, and during surgery found that the cruciate ligament was totally ruptured. The surgery was successful, although Wyatt's knee remained swollen and needed to be drained and cultured for infection. Crate rest and range of motion exercises were prescribed and an excellent recovery was expected. His foster home reported that Wyatt was feeling much better after the surgery and it was a challenge to keep him quiet.

LABMED was contacted and agreed to help fund Wyatt's knee surgery. Wyatt's recovery was not uneventful, however! First he required a second operation to repair an additional problem with his knee. Then a third surgical procedure was needed to close the sutures that Wyatt had opened up. His foster mom wrote that Wyatt "is a jumping bean and must be part jack rabbit. We think he does twirls and dances in his crate at night! He is an EXTREMELY active young man. We are going to sedate him for the next 7 - 10 days until his sutures are completely healed." Then Wyatt will be ready to find a permanent home - with a very active family!

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