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Wyatt2, September 2003


Wyatt seemed like a typical, bouncy, 4 year old black Lab when he was rescued from a shelter by Midwest Lab Rescue in Illinois. Within 24 hours of his arrival at a foster home, however, Wyatt bloated and went into shock, requiring emergency surgery. Bloat, also known as gastric dilatation-torsion complex, is a life-threatening condition that usually affects dogs like Wyatt who are in the prime of life. In the course of the surgery, �Wyatt's spleen was removed and he received three blood transfusions.

Although Wyatt was very sick for a time, he eventually made a full recovery, and no further problems are expected to result from his illness and surgery. Since Wyatt had needed immediate care at an emergency clinic, the costs of restoring him to health were very high, and Midwest Lab Rescue began a fund-raising program on their web site to pay for Wyatt's care. LABMED was happy to assist in paying for the surgery, and Labrador Life Line contributed funds also.

With so many people giving him a helping hand, Wyatt's second chance at a healthy life was assured and he is looking forward to having a new family of his own to share in his good fortune.

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