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Yoda, July 2003

Yoda is the July Max's Memorial Fund Dog


One Monday morning in Toledo, OH, the shelter staff arrived for work and found a beautiful chocolate Lab tied to the door! This friendly male Lab soon demonstrated to the staff that he had been obedience trained and knew many commands. Once his mandatory stray hold had been completed, the two or three year old dog was rescued by the Purebred Adoption League.

When Yoda was taken to a vet to determine what was causing him to limp on his left rear leg, the bad news was that he had a torn cruciate ligament, requiring surgery. The Purebred Adoption League was able to pay for most of the medical care needed by Yoda, including neutering and routine vaccinations, but asked LABMED to help with the bill for the surgery. We were happy to be able to contribute to the rehabilitation of this nice dog.

Yoda recovered well from his surgery, and his story has a very happy ending. He has been adopted by a wonderful family and is now the best friend of a 13 year old boy who hopes to become a vet. Lucky Yoda!

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