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Zack2, April, 2001

Zack2 A big chocolate boy from Alaska, seven-year old Zack and his Greyhound companion were brought to Friends of Pets in Anchorage for emergency boarding during their owner's family crisis. They were then abandoned. Friends of Pets then took action to gain legal custody of the dogs. The Greyhound was soon placed in an adoptive home, but Zack developed medical problems. He required surgery for a badly infected tooth and jaw and had treatment under anesthesia for severely infected ears. Though he came through both procedures well, the next day he began to dehydrate from repeated vomiting. He became disoriented and unable to walk. He couldn't eat or drink, had a fever, and his abdomen was painful.

Zack had suffered severe gastric and systemic distress related to his multiple infections. He probably had swallowed a lot of blood and saliva during and after treatment. He may also have had a reaction to the anesthesia. He was put on intravenous fluids, a special diet, antibiotics, anti-nausea medication, and restricted activity. After a few days of this special care, his fever went down, he started to eat, and his tail started wagging again!

Zack's problems had put much strain on Friends of Pet's budget and so they contacted LABMED for help with a portion of the expenses. We were happy to provide funding and to learn that Friends of Pets would keep him in their care until his forever home can be found.

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