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Zee Zee, March 2003

Zee Zee

This 2-year-old, 52-pound male black Lab was rescued from a shelter in Arkansas by a family that was willing to foster him until a forever home could be found. From day one, Zee Zee had bouts of diarrhea and vomiting that led to a loss of 20 pounds in just 15 days.

The veterinarian diagnosed Zee Zee with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and possible Addison's disease. Zee Zee's vet changed the Lab's diet, and he also administered deworming medication and antibiotics. Zee Zee improved, but within several months he suffered a severe episode of intermittent vomiting, once again losing over 20 pounds in two weeks. With many veterinary visits and aggressive care that included multiple medications and tests, Zee Zee recovered.

Zee Zee has a chronic problem that requires careful observation, but because he is "a great dog," his foster family plans to adopt him themselves. As they pointed out, "he will need a strict dietary program to regain weight and stay healthy." And he will require long-term maintenance with special medication and an appropriate diet.

"We lost our oldest Lab to cancer who needed strict monitoring his last 5 years because of inflammatory bowel disease, we feel comfortable taking care of Zee Zee."

When Zee Zee's foster family approached LABMED for help with his veterinary bills, we were glad to contribute. Now Zee Zee has a second chance for happiness in a home where he will be genuinely loved and nurtured!

Update, April 2003

According to a recent update provided by Zee Zee's rescuers:

"As of 4/19/03 this special boy has regained 12 pounds! He has learned how to play and is the life of the party. Zee Zee loves to be with people and is very soft natured. He wants to please whoever catches his eye. He is doing great with his strict medical and dietary program. Soon Zee Zee will be tested to see if he has the potential to be a Search and Rescue dog. It would be fitting if this rescued lab becomes a rescuer himself... Much thanks again to LABMED for helping to give Zee Zee a second chance at life!"

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