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Zeke2, January 2004


Zeke2 was a malnourished, heartworm-positive yellow Lab found in Johnson City, Tennessee who also had a testicular mass, a lick granuloma and extremely worn down teeth. Only about 2 years old, he was a stray hanging out in a parking lot nearby to where his rescuer worked. Zeke was so thin, it was apparent he had been lost for a long time.

According to the vet, Zeke had a good chance of tolerating the HW treatment - he immediately started gaining weight and did not have a heavy HW load. � The testicular mass was removed when Zeke was neutered (after he recovered from the HW treatment).


When no owner was found, Zeke�s foster home decided they would like to keep him. Having owned a Lab before, they knew what they were getting into with a young active dog, and they wanted this sad, neglected fellow to have a forever home with them. Zeke gets along famously with their two female dogs and blossomed under his new family�s care. His owner is a physical therapist and took him to work with her every day while he recovered so she could monitor his progress. Zeke will be enrolling in therapy dog classes once he is recovered from his ordeal, so that he can give back some of the love he has received.

Zeke is one of the many Labs and Lab-mixes whose heartworm treatment was funded with help from LABMED. Heartworm is spread to dogs by mosquito bites and is detected by a blood test. Prevention of heartworms is easy, but the treatment is hard on a dog.

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