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Zeus3, October 2003


Let me tell you my story, if I can sit still long enough. You know Labs, even with a torn ACL it is hard for us to sit still - too much to explore. My story began in a shelter where I was surrendered for lameness. Broken Arrow Shelter contacted Lab Rescue Oklahoma. Lab Rescue OK contacted LABMED and well, here I am!

I know what you are thinking. "My, what a handsome three-year-old black male Lab." Heck, I even have a wonderful personality! Unfortunately looks and personality aren't everything when a fellow is lame. I needed some surgery to get me back on my feet.

To sum it up, these really smart humans made phone calls, filled out an application to LABMED and got funding for me. Can you believe they did this for me? LABMED helped fund my surgery and here I am with a second chance for a happy life.

Thank you LABMED for helping me get back on my feet!

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