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Funding a Lab for LABMED

At the request of our supporters, we are able to offer a more personal and very meaningful method of helping LABMED fund Labs and Lab mixes in need. Now, in memory of a special friend you've lost, in celebration of a new puppy, a new title or a healthy litter of pups, or for any other reason meaningful to you, your donation can be used to fund a special LABMED dog. Here is more information:

Q. What is the purpose of this special program, and how did it come about?

A. After reading about our Buddy Arnold Memorial Fund, another LABMED supporter wrote to ask how she, too, could fund a Lab for LABMED. We have developed these guidelines to allow individuals who wish to to make donations for special reasons, and have those donations go toward a dog who meets characteristics that they will set. We will call these characteristics "your wishes."

Q. Will I get to choose the Lab my donation funds?

A. No, not the specific dog. Our policies do not allow us to accept donations ear-marked for a specific dog. But you will give us some idea of the characteristics of a dog you'd like your donation to fund (your wishes), and we'll make the match.

Q. How will you decide which dog I'm funding?

A. When you make your donation, you will name your top three wishes in order. For the first 90 days after receiving your donation, LABMED will try to match you with a dog meeting your top two wishes. However, we know it's important to you to see your money at work; so if we haven't funded a dog meeting these two wishes after 90 days, we'll match you with a dog meeting any 2 of the 3 characteristics you specified.

Q. What do you mean by "my wishes"?

A. Those are the characteristics you feel are important to you. For example, if your donation is in memory of your very special 14-year old yellow female lab, you might wish us to match you with a yellow female who is older. Or if you are donating in honor of your black male's latest agility title, you might want your donation to fund a young dog who had a leg injury, and needs surgery so that he can run and jump again.

Q. Can I donate to fund a specific dog I've heard about through the media or on-line?

A. No, because of our restrictions about accepting ear-marked funds. In addition, all dogs funded must apply to LABMED and meet our normal funding guidelines. It is only after a dog has been approved for funding that we will match your donation with a dog.

Q. What happens when I make my donation, before I'm matched with a dog?

A. As soon as LABMED has received your donation, via check, credit card or PayPal, we will enter your wishes regarding the type of Lab you'd like to fund into our database, and will examine future dogs who are approved for funding to see which one will fit your wishes. Meanwhile, your name (if desired), the reason for funding and a short message will be listed on either the "In Celebration of" page or "In Memory of" page. If you've requested a certificate and/or a listing on the "Pawprints on our Hearts" page, those will be sent/put up right away.

Q. What happens after you have matched my wishes with a Lab for which the Board approves funding?

A. You will be sent an email message letting you know that a dog has been funded by your donation. A note at the bottom of the funded dog's Success Story will link back to the page where your donation is listed, and a link will go from the "In Celebration of" or "In Memory of" page back to the dog's Success Story.

Q. I like this concept, and I want to fund a Lab for LABMED. How much money do I need to donate?

A. Since this program is designed for you to specify certain charactistics of the dog you'd like to fund with your donation, the minimum amount required to do this is $250. (Our average expenditure per dog is approx. $350.) If you'd prefer to make a smaller donation, please see our Donor and Bereavement certificates link, and the Pawprints on our Hearts webpage link, where we will be pleased to honor a donation of any amount.

Q. What's the most I can donate to participate?

A. There is no maximum donation.

Q. What happens if you match me with a dog whose treatment costs less than the amount I donated?

A. If the amount of your gift that remains is more than $250, we will match you with another dog that meets your wishes. If it is less than $250, the balance will go into our general funding budget and will aid another dog. All donations received to fund Labs in need will go directly to funding, not to administrative or other costs.

Q. Can one dog be funded with donations from more than one person?

A. Yes. In high dollar cases where the dog meets the wishes of more than one donor, multiple donors may fund the dog.

Thank you for considering LABMED's "Funding a Lab for LABMED" program. If you have questions about the program, please use our web reply form to contact Dianne or Linda. If you would like to fund a dog, please click here.


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