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Labs Funded


Fund A Lab Celebration Donations

The following celebration donations will assist LABMED in our efforts to help rescued Labradors in need of medical attention. Please take a moment to meet some of our generous supporters and the occasions they celebrated. For more information about this program, please read through our Fund a Lab webpage.

Alex's Birthday party
Alex's Party

Alex's 13th Birthday Benefit
will fund:

"any black female Lab
(in Washington State)
needing medical assistance".


This donation is made by an amazing group of young men and women --
surely an example to us all:

"Nineteen 12- and 13-year-olds showed up to cloudy skies and the threat of rain, but it did not stop us from having one heck of a good time. We bobbed for donuts hanging on strings, juggled, danced crazy, and had a "cookie walk. The kids were so proud of what we did.....$334 raised for LABMED!!!!!! Check out our donation jar with the LABMED logo in the attached photo! Alex was so very very happy......and pleased. We are hoping to sponsor a dog so that he can share this info with all his guests.
Thanks for all that you do."

Liz and Alex King

The Green's Celebration
Donation will fund:

"an adult Lab (from Georgia)
needing any medical
procedure or treatment."


"You bring such joy
to my life on a
daily basis!"

Lynn Green


This donation is being made
by Lynn Green in celebration
of her three Labs:

Green Family Celebration

The Pralle Donation will fund:
"any Lab needing medical assistance."


This donation is being made by Courtney, Roy, and Sam DaVee in celebration
of Courtney's parents!

Craig Pralle favorite expression:
"Once you go Lab you never go back!"

Lola and Abigail:

"Lola and Abigail have brought us
so much joy by just being with us.
 Combining this joy with the dignity
that they kept during their ordeal,
we intend to give them the best
that we can for the rest of their lives!"

Lynn Green


Lola & Abigail's Celebration

The Lola and Abigail
Donation will fund

"any senior Lab in Georgia
 needing medical assistance."

(Click on Midnight to view additional photos
of Midnight, Benjamin, and Family!)

The Midnight Donation will fund:
"any dog most in need of attention and
care -- whatever the reason."


Benjamin is creating the "Midnight Fund" to commemorate his Bar Mitzvah and as a way to "give back" for all the joy his dog brings him.

Amy, Alan, Jonah,
and Benjamin


"Last year LABMED helped
my dog I found that was
abused and had I
am just
returning the favor."

Jennifer Vaught


Barkley's Celebration

The Barkley Donation will fund:
"any Lab needing medical assistance."

Miss Emma and Mr. Buddy

The Miss Emma and Mr. Buddy fund will help:
"any dog most in need of attention and
care -- whatever the reason."


 "Both Mr. Buddy
and Miss Emma
are the loves of
our lives and I can't
 imagine being
without them..."

Eileen and Nick

WLRC's Celebration

The WLRC Donation will fund:
"any purebred Lab needing medical assistance."

In Honor of All of Our Labradors...

"In Honor of all of their own Labradors, the Winnebago Labrador Retriever Club sent a portion of the proceeds from their 2004 Specialty Show Lunch Stand to help Labradors in need."

The Members of the Winnebago Labrador Retriever Club



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