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Fund A Lab Memorial Donations

The donations memorializing these wonderful Labs will assist LABMED in our efforts to help rescued Labradors in need of medical attention. Please take a moment to meet some of our generous supporters and the Labs they will hold forever in their hearts. For more information about this program, please read through our Fund a Lab webpage.


Murphy's Memorial
Donation Fund will help:

"any Lab needing the money
at the moment when you
might not have the funds
for its care".


To Murphelsesis:

You taught me love, how to give not take,
You ran like the wind, you swam in the lake,
You slept on my bed, curled up in a ball,
Until the time when the angels would call.

My brave little boy, the time had come,
To go to heaven, now your pain is gone,
Take walks in the clouds with dad and mom,
We'll be together when Mac, Maia, and I come.

Geri Pilcher

To Little Miss Maia:

Paws on my shoulders, you kissing my ears,
Your puppy dog antics made me laugh through the years,
Your constant devotion brought me great joy,
How you loved to play with your blue Kong� toy.

My brave little girl, the time had come,
To go to heaven, now your pain is gone.
Take walks with Murphy, grandpop and grandmom,
We will all be together when Mac and I come.

Geri Pilcher



Maia's Memorial Donation
Fund will help:

"any Lab-mix needing assistance".


Maddie's Memorial
Donation Fund will help:

"any adult female Labrador with a treatable diagnosis of cancer"


In Memory of Leslie's
beloved Maddie:

"When the body that lived in your single will,
With its whimper of welcome, is stilled (how still!);
When the spirit that answered your every mood
Is gone--wherever it goes--for good,
You will discover how much you care,
And will give your heart for the dog to tear."

-- From "Power of the Dog",
by Rudyard Kipling


Jake's Memorial
Donation Fund will help:

"any chocolate Labrador in need
of medical assistance".



"In loving memory of Jake Buddy
Squires Collins. May you now
an endless supply of tennis balls,
and kind people to throw them

for you.

We miss you!"

Paula M.
in honor of her sister,

Jeanne Collins,

Jake's beloved "Mom".

"She was a dear little black puppy with huge paws who came into our lives over 14 years ago. She grew into a precious girl whose loyalty, beauty, gentleness, love and intelligence will never be forgotten. We will always remember the way the wind would blow through her fur, running through the fields, her 'banner' of a tail held high, always wagging, the feathers on her legs, the softness and shine of her black coat, her lovely expressive face with soft brown eyes, the 'bone' at the top of her head that people loved to touch, and her fascination with white pussycats. She was loved by all who met her. She would always give her paw in friendly greeting to visitors and 'dog hugs' to her family. People loved to pet her and she loved being petted."

"We will never forget you, Pepper,
and you will live in our hearts
until we can be together again on
the Rainbow Bridge."

Phil and Jacqui Hartranft
and Family


1984 - October, 1998

Pepper's Memorial Donation
Fund will help

"any black Labrador or
Labrador-mix needing
medical assistance."


Woody's Memorial
Donation Fund will help

"any Labrador or Labrador Retriever Mix in need of medical assistance".



"Woody will always be remembered by the volunteers of Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue as a happy, kissy boy with love and trust for everyone he met. His memorial carries a special reminder for pet owners and lovers to ensure that their pets are adequately protected against diseases like Heartworm, Parvo, Distemper, etc. Thousands of dogs yearly suffer and die needlessly from the want of simple basic medical treatment..."

With Love,
The Smiths

Brandy's Memorial

"In memory of Brandy,
my Golden girl. A companion
for over
eighteen years
who taught me characteristics
of the kind of person I
want to be.



Brandy's Memorial

Brandy's Donation will fund:
"any Senior Lab needing medical assistance."

The Martha Trent
Memorial Fund

Martha Trent's Memorial
Donation Fund will help

"any Labrador or Labrador Retriever in the Gulf Coast Region with priority given to
those Labs impacted by Hurricane Katrina".




"...was a wonderful person who loved her Labs as family members."

Laura Trent


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