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April 22, 2002

Dear LABMED supporters,

Andrea and Mary
Mary and Andrea at the finish line

What a day it was yesterday! If you saw the weather report for Chicago on Sunday, April 21, you will know that we faced other challenges besides the 26.2 miles that we ran.

First and foremost--Mary and I FINISHED our first marathon!!! The weather was extraordinary. The first half of the marathon, it rained and was so windy that it felt like we were barely moving. (the race was also along the lake front the whole time, which made for extra wind ;) At one point, it was even hailing (small stones, but still!) Despite it all, we came through strong and had a wonderful time.

Sadly, the weather was so yucky that our Labs couldn't come to the race, but our families and friends were there to cheer us on, and were really stellar. It's such a lift to run and know that around the next bend, our families might be waiting to yell words of encouragement. My dad got some great pictures, which I will scan and send out as soon as possible.

Before the Race
Mary, Andrea and Marley before the race

Thanks to all of you for supporting LABMED and our marathon. To those of you who emailed before the race, a special thanks--it's wonderful to know you were thinking of us. I have to say, this is one of the best things I have ever done. An amazing experience, one that I will never forget. I can't wait until next year--we want to make this fundraiser an annual event, based on our success this year. You all are wonderful for helping to drive our success.

We still have a few pledges coming in, so the online pledge form will be up for a little while longer. As soon as we reach a final number, I'll send out the totals for how much we raised. I do know that it is definitely over $1000--how wonderful!

I'll keep you updated, but wanted to send out an e-mail to let you know that the day was a success! ;)

Thanks again for your support!


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